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Small Town Heart -- Big City Softball

Red Raider Fastpitch is a year round fastpitch travel softball organization, located in Huntley IL.  Teams will practice and participate in tournaments and events from August through the end of July.   The program features outdoor practices and home games at the beautiful Tomaso Sports Park located in Huntley IL.  Travel softball with the Red Raiders is a year round activity with winter (indoor) practices focused on skill development, strength-speed-agility, community giveback and team building.

Additionally, the Red Raiders Fastpitch organization hosts several tournaments through the year.  Check our Tournaments page for more details.

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High Level Throwing

Strong and accurate throws are the backbone of every high performing fastpitch team.  The Red Raiders Fastpitch organization partners with the premiere fitness instructors of High Level Throwing to bring the best possible throwing program to our athletes.  The High level Throwing program isn't just about throwing harder, it's also about throwing accuracy, injury prevention and the proper throwing mechanics to allow the player to grow and utilize their strengths.

Blast Motion

The Red Raiders Fastpitch organization utilizes Blast Motion sensors to help players and coaches unlock the potential in all of our hitters.  These fascinating sensors measure and track metrics for every player's swing, generating an offensive profile and identifying areas for the player to focus on while training.  Blast Motion can analyze  a player's swing and set age specific goals, all while helping coaches create a specific plan for every player on the team to unlock offensive potential.

College Recuiting

The Red Raider Fastpitch organization is proud to partner with Showtime Sports to conduct invitation-only events for our players to help with the difficult process of college recruiting.  At these events metrics are gathered for each player and a custom and individualized player profile is created, maintained and distributed by Showtime for the purpose of college recruiting.   Player profiles become a part of the verified database of college softball prospects for the entire Midwest Region.  For high school softball players the process of recruiting can be difficult.  The Red Raider Fastpitch organization, along with Showtime Sports, makes the process much easier.